Human Resources

We believe that the secret of success in the service sector is "people".

Our source of energy is comprised of hard-working, honest individuals who persistently pursue the goal of achieving maximum customer satisfaction and remain open to continuous improvement. We aim to support our human resource with trainings. We believe that we will be more successful with the talented youth who want to pursue their careers in this sector. We would be delighted to have new colleagues whose efforts and achievements we will be proud of and who will improve their personalities and careers under this roof by becoming a part of the Wyndham Grand İstanbul Levent family.

Funda Bezircilioğlu

General Manager


Wyndham Grand İstanbul Levent prepares trainings suitable for the improvement needs of its employees. Trainings are organized as class trainings and/or on-the-job training

Our Vision

To be a Pioneer, Dynamic and Leading company that offers quality products and services with a constant development perspective in its area of activity.

Our Mission

To be a Reliable, Efficient, and Innovative company that adopts a customer-oriented service approach.

Our Values

Promotion is in direct proportion with success. It also provides an increase in authority, responsibility, and income. Advancement to a higher position requires possessing the requisite qualification profile, knowledge, and experience specified in the job description. However, the most important standard is the level of performance.


Appropriate applications are selected in case of need within the pool of candidates, which applied via our website,, or personally coming to our hotel and filling in the form. Chosen candidates are invited to interview. The suitability analysis for the qualification profile is conducted during the interview, suitable candidates are invited to work after reference search. In our hotel, we recruit on regular and part-time basis.

Internship Opportunities

To support the schools that provide for the industry, and to evaluate the students who can be our potential personnel in the long-term, we provide the high school and university students with this opportunity.

If you would like to apply for a job or an internship, you can fill our form completely and sending it to us, via the address.

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