Accommodation Evaluation Survey

  • Food and Beverage Services Evaluation Survey
  • Accommodation Evaluation Survey
  • SPA Services Evaluation Survey

About You

  • Your First and Last Name *
  • Your Gender
  • Your Address
  • Your Phone Number *
  • Your E-mail Address *
  • Your Occupation
  • Your Company
  • Your Purpose of Travel
  • Through Which Advertisement Channel You Have Reached Us?
  • Club Lounge


  • How Was Your Reservation Made?
  • Was The Information About Your Reservation Accurate?
  • What Would You Like To Change For A Better Registration Process?

During Your Stay

  • Was Your Room Clean And Well-Kept?
  • Was The Hotel Itself Clean And Well-Kept?
  • How Did You Find The Quality And Facilities Of Our Hotel?
  • Was Everything In Your Room Working Properly?
  • Was The Lighting In Your Room Adequate?
  • Were We Able To Make You Feel Safe?
  • Were We Able To Meet Your Needs Properly?
  • Please Specify If There Is Anything You Would Like Added To Your Room

Services For the Business World

  • Free Internet Service
  • Business Center
  • What Would You Like To Change To Make Your Next Trip More Productive?

Restaurants and Bars

  • Have You Used One Of Our Restaurants And Bars During Your Stay?
  • What Would You Like To See Changed Or Added In Restaurants And Bars To Make Your Stay More Enjoyable? Please Take Into Account The Food And Beverage Quality, Service Atmosphere, And Decor.

Room Service

  • Have You Benefited From The Room Service?
  • How Would You Rate The Room Service And The Quality Of Food And Beverages Offered?


  • How Would You Rate the Minibar Product Quality and Variety?

Staff Services

  • Do You Think They Are Knowledgeable About The Hotel And Services?
  • Do You Think They Do Their Jobs Quickly And Properly?
  • Was Their Demeanor Good-Humored?
  • Did They Make An Effort to Ensure Your Satisfaction?
  • Were They Able To Encourage You To Revisit Our Hotel And Recommend It To Your Friends?
  • Do We Have a Staff Member Who Stands out With Their Services Throughout Your Stay?
  • If There Is, Can You Share Their Names?

General Satisfaction

  • What Are Our Hotel's Best Specialities According to You?
  • What Are The Services That You Think Should Be Improved For Your Next Visit?
  • Is There A Service Or Activity You Would Like Us To Add?
  • How Satisfied You Are With Your Stay In General?
  • Would You Rate Our Hotel As An Environment-Friendly Establishment?
  • Is There Enough Information Available In Our Website About Our Sustainable Hotel Works?
  • Did You Contribute to the Waste Sorting Within Sustainability Initiative in Our Hotel?