Wyndham Green Our Sustainability Practices

Our Vision

To be a pioneer, dynamic and leading hotel that offers quality products and services with a constant development perspective in our area of activity.

Our Mission

To be a reliable, efficient and innovative hotel that adopts a guest-oriented service approach.

Our Values

Our Water Efficiency

With our greywater systems, we recycle the water that comes with the rain by using it in appropriate places within the hotel.

We choose plants that are appropriate to the local weather conditions and have less water consumption.

We use quality armature to guarantee minimal waste of water through our hotel.

The water that is used by the mechanical equipment within the Özdilek Center, which our hotel is located in, is recycled and used as a greywater system.

Our Energy Efficiency

Low emission equipment were used during the build and construction of our hotel and is designed to get the most out of the sunlight. The usage of bicycles and electric cars is promoted by the management.

We have a smart air conditioner system in all rooms which operates with sensitive sensors, according to the emptiness of the room.

We use the incom automation smart system that makes us able to consume less energy by providing energy to the room once our guests arrive and cutting it once they're out.

We use LED lights in our hotel.

By making sure that all pumps are working with a 100% frequency converter, we use less energy and gain more power.

Thanks to our automation system which decreases the risk of energy leakage, we use less energy with our technical devices.

Our Environmental Awareness and Consciousness

The construction of our hotel was completed using non-hazardous materials on human health and it's essential for us to recycle every item/material.

It's important for us to recycle the eco-friendly cleaning products we use to clean all the surfaces and areas in our hotel.

With the equipment we use with less carbon emission since the construction stage of our hotel, we provide 30% better and healthier inside air quality.

In order not to use excessive amounts of cleaning products in our laundries and kitchens, we use formulators and dosage controllers.

We Value Recycling For Our Future

Recyclable materials are preferred in every item and material used in our hotel.

We deliver our containers that we collect glass, battery, paper, and plastic materials to the licensed companies that we have an agreement with.

We send the oils that are used in our kitchen equipment to a licensed firm we have an agreement with to turn them into biodiesel fuel.

With the wastepaper management program which we are a part of, we recycle 120 tons of wastepaper annually.


Being one of the contributors of the Özdilek Holding, it is especially important for us to protect our environment and nature for future generations. In every one of the actions that we conduct to protect natural resources, we are forming a joint and global approach towards environmental sustainability.

With this vision, we are proud to announce that Özdilek Center, where our hotel is located, is LEED Gold Certified by the U.S. Green Building Council for sustainable land, water efficiency, energy, atmosphere, and interiors.


We received the ""Environmental Label"" within the scope of ""Sustainable Tourism"" and ""Eco-Friendly Accommodation"" started by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, thanks to our practices in our hotel and our prioritizations. We are happy to welcome our guests with this label that is given to eco-friendly accommodation businesses.


Wyndham Hotels and Resorts became the 2016 Sustainability Champion amongst 450 hotels from 43 countries within the Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) region. By becoming a part of this circle, we are aiming to become a reliable, efficient, and innovative hotel with our guest-oriented service approach.


As Wyndham Grand İstanbul Levent, we have obtained certificates in 3 different categories, them being ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management System, ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System, and ISO 9000 Quality Management System.

International Standardization Organization (ISO) is a Switzerland Geneva based establishment. It brings experts together with the aim to share information, support innovativeness, provide solutions to global hardships, and set International Standards on the market based on voluntary unanimity, via its members such as the USA, Japan, Austria, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Spain, France, Germany, Türkiye, etc.


İstanbul is one of the most precious cities of the world with its beauties. Thousands of years old historical buildings, stories subjected to myths, Anatolia and Rumelia's most special tastes await you."